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SmartTalks symposium

Philips Benelux

September 25, 2019

Philips Oral Healthcare was looking for an idea to invite dental care professionals to experience what Philips has to offer. In a genuine way, not hard selling. So we came up with Philips SmartTalks. A yearly symposium in an iconic setting (Evoluon) presenting speakers who conduct break through research and have awe inspiring ideas. A symposium with lots of innovation, technology and life sciences.

Calinda strawberries

Fresh Forward

October 15, 2019

This sweet, juicy fruit from Calinda is more than just a strawberry; it's Mother Nature at her very best. Enjoy a taste sensation with every healthy mouthful for one of life's great pleasures/

Graphic design and activation


September 25, 2019

Years ago we started developing the Kanzi brand in collaboration with GKE and we have been working for Kanzi ever since. Packaging, new communication materials,’s a continuous juicy job.

Complimenten in beeld


September 23, 2019

Rotterdam’s public transport asked us come up with ideas to boost their employer’s service focus. We suggested not to do any advertising tricks but to use real compliments, sent in by twitter, e-mail and fb. So we tracked the time, place and the employee that each compliment referred to. Then we shot a series of portraits of proud employees next to the compliment they received. These compliments where used on the narrow casting screens and placed in a frame and hung in the RET canteens.

Knorr Fresh Recipes


July 1, 2019

A big player as Unilever naturally wants to stay on top of food trends and so they have joined the bio/organic and fresh movement with their own products. We created a series of recipes (instructions, food photography and menu design) with fresh ingredients for Knorr's social media channels.

Identity design Nosybirds

Jos Brölmann

September 25, 2019

Every colorful painting of the Art of Nosybirds and Weathermap has its own story. The intention of the paintings is always to tell the viewer about one or more aspects of the accelerating time we are living in. They are all about change.

New Identity

Ahoy Rotterdam

September 18, 2019

As part of a new positioning process we created this identity idea for Rotterdam Ahoy. Focusing on the connecting role by using slashes to make combinations. As in: music/ahoy/fans or business/ahoy/deals

Ambitie Capelle

Gemeente Capelle a/d IJssel

July 1, 2019

Capelle a/d IJssel wanted a creative translation of their strategic manifest on circular economy, green energy housing and water & waste recycling in the city. Our challenge was to communicate these plans in a way that would make a lasting impression. So for this city council we created an interactive landing page, an animation video and a projection experience in the city hall.

Building blocks identity

Zonneveld Ingenieurs

September 19, 2019

We created a whole new identity for Zonneveld Ingenieurs based on building blocks. These blocks can be used in any required order. The identity is therefor always different in all different communication.

Game changing catering

The Food Line-up

September 19, 2019

Based on the design created by 'Wunderwald design agency', we designed and developed the website for these game changers in sustainable and healthy catering.

Identity design


September 19, 2019

In collaboration with Design Bureau Enchilada we developed this colorful identity for dental practice MondClinic.

Systems and campaigns

Philips OHC Global

September 19, 2019

This project started out with a smart solution for a small business to business webshop for Philips Oral Healthcare Benelux. It ended up with implementing this solution in no small way whatsoever: worldwide. We developed high-end webshops, tradeshow applications and a loyalty platform for several countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Statistics dashboard

Veiligheidsregio Rotterdam Rijnmond

September 25, 2019

For the Safety Region Rotterdam Rijnmond we developed a dashboard where all the data of emergencies and the arrival times per district are displayed in a clear overview.


FNV handel

September 19, 2019

'Je kan me rug op' means as much as screw you! A fine expression we boldly used in a campaign against lower minimum wages for supermarket employees. We created a snapchat like iPhone/Android app where the user could slap the tattoo on their own back or skin. And yes, they did.

New Identity and website

De Vaart Yachting

December 24, 2019

De Vaart Yachting is an established name within the world of yacht sales in Northern Europe. They have been acting as an importer and international yacht broker for over 20 years, operating in the sale of new and used motorboats and sailing yachts. We created their new identity and website (including a new boat configurator).